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The WALEK team

We are located in Poysdorf in the north east part of the Weinviertel and every year we like to take up the challenge afresh of producing authentic wines. Particular attention is paid to working with, and not against, nature. Our modern winery, established in 2003, is a significant factor in supporting our goal of bringing the quality of the grapes directly into the bottle. The whole family works as a team, day in, day out, to ensure all these goals are met.

Gerhard Walek is the machinery motor, managing the family winery with experience and vision, and co-ordinating all the work.

Reinhard Walek is the technician, who ensures that all the machines work perfectly, as well as ensuring that the vineyards not only look good visually but also that the vitality and health of the soils and the vines are improved.

Wolfgang Walek is particularly devoted to working as sustainably as possible. To this end biological “hotspots” have been established in and around different vineyards which seek to increase biodiversity, encourage beneficial organisms and consequently minimise the use of pesticides and herbicides and improve the health of the vines.

The beehives acquired in 2013 also help with this. They are not only important pollinators for all kinds of plants but also produce delicious honey. But what is the point of producing superb grapes bring if they do not undergo the kind of careful vinification which seeks to create exactly the type of wine representative of both variety and vineyard site?

Of course behind every successful family company there is a lot of administration, co-ordination and marketing. This is the realm of Helene Walek.

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Weingut Walek
Gewerbepark 3
2170 Poysdorf

Telefon: +43 2552 / 2354
Email: walek@reben.at