Johann Wittmann winery

The Johann Wittman family winery has been a local business in Poysbrunn since 1775. At present, our vineyards take up an area of 7 hectares and are planted with 7 different varieties of wine. We do our best to harvest high quality grapes in our vineyards thanks to a short cut and expert work with the bush. Afterwards, we let the wine ripen and dry out in the cellar, using stainless steel tanks. Our aim is to offer wines of typical variety and pleasant taste, which put you in the mood for another glass.

Weinbau- und Kellermeister
Johann Wittmann
Franzbergstraße 12
2161 Poysbrunn

Telefon: 0664/19 53 129
Fax: 02554/6212
E-Mail: johannwittmann@aon.at