Weingut Kalser

What defines us is reflected in our wines

In a nutshell, we are a traditional family winery. Everyone has their task, everyone can rely on the other. Decisions are made together, successes celebrated together. Every family member is ready to take responsibility: for each other and for our wines. That ist he best incentive to further expand our quality assurance.

With 30 hectares, our winery is no longer very small, but nice and manageable. As straight people, we like clear lines and solid structures. We don`t want to get bigger, just better. Our winery should be able to assert itself as a guarantee for fine wines on the wine market. Weh ave both feet firmly on the ground, are rooted in our homeland, but look tot he future with enthusiasm.

At Kalser everything has ist quality standard, based on the principles of our familiy business:

  • honesty of our work
  • conscious living with nature
  • use of innovative ideas
  • cooperation in the family association

Our wines are not commonplace, but made for everyday enjoyment! We hope you enjoy our world of wine.

Christian und Margit Matzka

Weingut Kalser

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Weingut Kalser
Körnergasse 9
2170 Poysdorf

Telefon: +43 2552 / 2154
Email: info@weingut-kalser.com