Winery Taubenschuss

The Taubenschuss estate is located in Poysdorf, the north-eastern part of the Weinviertel on the way from Vienna to Brno.

Nowadays Markus and Thomas Taubenschuss run the business, which has a long history dating back to the year 1670, with the dedicated help of their parents Monika and Helmut.

As one of the first in Austria their grandfather Anton Taubenschuss Sen. already started to bottle his dry, quality wines in 1941.

The family is cultivating 22 hectares of the best varieties – mostly Grüner Veltliner and Pinot Blanc. Important in the vineyard is sustainable viniculture and the conscious abandonment of herbicides, insecticides and commercial fertilizers. Own compost production for organic fertilization and vineyard grazing with special sheep are the basis for expressive wines.

Only hand selected grapes, cautious cellar technology and late bottling after long maturing in the cellar is key to produce natural, characterful wines which are always perfect examples of the individual vintage and their region.

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Mehr Informationen

Weingut Taubenschuss
Körnergasse 2
2170 Poysdorf

Telefon: +43 676 / 70 35 328
Email: weingut@taubenschuss.at