Weingut Taubenschuss

Thank you for your interest in our wines. The TAUBENSCHUSS estate in Poysdorf, previously known as the “Aspergerhaus”, was founded in 1670 and benefits from the experience of many generations. Today Monika and Helmut Taubenschuss manage the estate and their sons, Markus and Thomas, are now actively helping them.

The family’s ancestors secured the best vineyard sites around Poysdorf. Only grape varieties able to produce excellent quality thanks to location, soil type and microclimate, are grown on the approximately 20 ha of vineyards. This is why the wines from our estate win more awards than any others in the region!

Weingut Taubenschuss
Körnergasse 2
2170 Poysdorf

Telefon: +43 676 / 70 35 328
Email: weingut@taubenschuss.at