Schodl Robert

Robert Schodl Winery

The Schodl winery, which can be found in Poysdorf, a city in the eastern part of Weinviertel, has been around for five of the Schodl family’s generations, and is currently being run by the last one. It is very easy to build on such a vast amount of past experience, and so since we inherited the winery from our parents in 2008, we’ve been trying to set new goals – our own goals – while also staying true to our roots.

We dedicate ourselves to further development of our wines with great vigour and ambition. Besides the local “classics”, such as Grüner Veltliner, Welschriesling and Zweigelt, which are typical for their varieties and fermented to dryness, we dare to work even with new varieties and products, an example being our Frizzante pair “Onkel Fritz” and “Tante Frieda”, as we have named one of our experiments.

Have a taste and see for yourself!

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Mehr Informationen

Schodl-Weine/ Robert Schodl
Hindenburgstraße 1
2170 Poysdorf

Telefon: O676/3512625