Wine estate Haimer

Winemaking know-how has been handed down from generation to generation in our family and goes back to the 17th century. Today we tend 17 ha of vineyards in the best sites around Poysdorf with great passion.

It is our philosophy to support the wines in their individual characteristics and to produce wines typical of the vintage.

Naturally Grüner Veltliner plays a central role and we lovingly produce this variety in a number of different styles, although we do also have a wide range of other varieties.

Our wines are natural, dry, quality wines and have won a number of awards in recent years in both national and international competitions.

We would be very happy to convince you of the quality of our wines in one of our wine tastings held every day.

Our wine estate has a small “wine hotel garni” with 17 exclusively appointed Weinviertel “gourmet” and “winemaker” rooms and one of the most attractive courtyards in the Weinviertel.

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Mehr Informationen

Weingut Harald Haimer
Körnergasse 14
2170 Poysdorf

Mobil: +43 664 / 510 81 26
Email: office@haimer.at