Meet the winemaker

Firsthand advice

Meet the winemaker

Every weekend and during the week from 4.30pm, you can also get to know one of our winemakers at Weinmarkt. This means you have the opportunity to get information directly from a wine manufacturer. No one can describe a winemaker’s products and relay his experiences better than the winemaker himself.

Overview of winemakers‘ shifts

november 2019

13novAll Day14Amon Alfred

15novAll Day17Hauser Werner u. Waltraud

18novAll Day19Heger Heinz u. Waltraud

20novAll Day21Strobl Lorenz u. Karin

22novAll Day24Rieder Florian

25novAll Day26Hauser Werner u. Waltraud

27novAll Day28Rieder Florian

29novAll Day01decSchodl Robert u. Christine

december 2019

02decAll Day03Schodl Robert u. Christine

04decAll Day06Wittmann Johann

07decAll Day08Wittmann Johann

09decAll Day10Schuckert Horst

11decAll Day12Oppenauer Roman

13decAll Day15Schuckert Horst

16decAll Day17Matzka Christian u. Margit

18decAll Day19Rieder Friedrich

20decAll Day22Oppenauer Roman

23decAll Day24Hirtl Martin u. Andrea

26decAll DayRieder Wolfgang

27decAll Day29Matzka Christian u. Margit

30decAll Day31Taubenschuss Helmut u. Monika

january 2020

02janAll DaySpatzierer Johann

03janAll Day05Hirtl Martin u. Andrea

06janAll Day07Walek Gerhard u. Helene

08janAll Day09Kletzer Otto

10janAll Day12Rieder Wolfgang

13janAll Day14Latschka Christian u. Ingrid

15janAll Day16Neustifter Karl u. Brigitte

17janAll Day19Taubenschuss Helmut u. Monika

20janAll Day21Schuckert Rainer

22janAll Day23Wimmer Erwin

24janAll Day26Haimer Harald u. Sylvia

27janAll Day28Ebner-Ebenauer Manfred u. Marion

29janAll Day30Riegelhofer Maximilian u. Susanne

31janAll Day02febSpatzierer Johann

february 2020

03febAll Day04Heger Manfred u. Simone

05febAll Day06Strobl Josef, Gerda u. Chr.

07febAll Day09Walek Gerhard u. Helene

10febAll Day11Gmeinböck Erwin, Birgit u. Manuel

12febAll Day13Ebinger Johann

14febAll Day16Kletzer Otto

17febAll Day18Amon Alfred

19febAll Day20Detz Christoph

21febAll Day23Latschka Christian u. Ingrid

24febAll Day25Hugl-Wimmer Martin u. Sylvia

26febAll Day27Heger Heinz u. Waltraud

28febAll Day01marNeustifter Karl u. Brigitte

march 2020

02marAll Day03Strobl Lorenz u. Karin

04marAll Day05Hauser Werner u. Waltraud

06marAll Day08Schuckert Rainer

09marAll Day10Rieder Florian

11marAll Day12Schodl Robert u. Christine

13marAll Day15Wimmer Erwin

16marAll Day17Wittmann Johann

18marAll Day19Schuckert Horst

20marAll Day22Ebner-Ebenauer Manfred u. Marion

23marAll Day24Oppenauer Roman

25marAll Day26Matzka Christian u. Margit

27marAll Day29Riegelhofer Maximilian u. Susanne

30marAll Day31Rieder Friedrich