Meet the winemaker

Firsthand advice

Meet the winemaker

Every weekend and during the week from 4.30pm, you can also get to know one of our winemakers at Weinmarkt. This means you have the opportunity to get information directly from a wine manufacturer. No one can describe a winemaker’s products and relay his experiences better than the winemaker himself.

Overview of winemakers‘ shifts

may 2024

27mayAll Day28Hugl-Wimmer Martin u. Sylvia

29mayAll Day30Schuckert Rainer

31mayAll Day02junWeingut KalserKörnergasse 9, Tel. 0664/4565208

june 2024

03junAll Day04Ebinger Johann

05junAll Day06Strobl Christoph

07junAll Day09Gut Kellerstöckl

10junAll Day11Heger Manfred u. Simone

12junAll Day13Amon Alfred

14junAll Day16Haimer Harald u. Sylvia

17junAll Day18Heger Lukas

19junAll Day20Strobl Lorenz u. Karin

21junAll Day23Wittmann Johann

24junAll Day25Hauser Werner u. Waltraud

26junAll Day27Rieder Florian

28junAll Day30Weinrieder

july 2024

01julAll Day02Schreiber

03julAll Day04Schodl Robert u. Christine

05julAll Day07Weingut Wolfgang RiederZum Poysdorfer, Gstetten 23, Tel. 02552/40202

08julAll Day09Wittmann Johann

10julAll Day11Gut Kellerstöckl

12julAll Day14Weingut Hirtl

15julAll Day16Weingut Oppenauer

17julAll Day18Weingut Kalser

19julAll Day21Taubenschuss Helmut u. Monika

22julAll Day23Weinrieder

24julAll Day25Weingut Hirtl

26julAll Day28Weingut Oppenauer

29julAll Day30Rieder Wolfgang

31julAll Day01augTaubenschuss Helmut u. Monika