Weingut Ebner-Ebenauer

Organic – certified

Marion Ebner and Manfred Ebenauer laid the foundation for their business life together in 2007. First of all they got married, then Marion’s négociant business and Manfred’s winery were amalgamated, and finally their winemaking capacities were pooled.

Ebner-Ebenauer was born – a positive step as their wines have been considered to be amongst the best produced in the Weinviertel from the very beginning. They have no problem with their wines being idiosyncratic and distinctive, on the contrary, they are not allowed to be bland. The core of the range is represented exclusively by wines from single vineyards, where the vines are at least 30 years old. The oldest vines (Grüner Veltliner, Weißer Burgunder, Riesling) are between 50 and 66 years old, with the age being indicated on the label. In the cellar there is little high-tech and the wines remain in cask for as long as is deemed necessary. The 15 ha of vineyards are harvested only by hand and selection is carried out directly in the vineyards (25 kg crates). Most of the wines spend time on the gross lees and are mainly fermented spontaneously without temperature control in wood or stainless steel and are then matured on the fine lees.

Manfred Ebenauer therefore does not see himself as a winemaker but as a wine companion: „Our wines are made without intervention, they need time to develop, they are not show wines, they appear to linger in the mouth and have ageing potential. Nature writes the script for our wines but we manage the stage direction!”

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